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Phantasy Star 360 open beta

Now, until next Wednesday.

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Perhaps unaware that Microsoft was going to haul down Xbox Live for the whole of Tuesday, SEGA has a Phantasy Star Universe open beta planned for Xbox 360 users - starting this weekend and ending on Wednesday, 18th October.

The beta, explicit details of which can be found on the game's official website, will allow anybody with an Xbox Live Gold account to download the game, create a character and go adventuring with friends.

The download file, which is up on Marketplace right now (940MB), will be available until Sunday, and, as you might imagine for a beta, SEGA's hoping you'll offer some feedback using the form on its official website.

Phantasy Star Universe is due out on Xbox 360 from 24th November.

Meanwhile, SEGA has announced that the Guardians licence will be available for players on 360, PC and PS2 to purchase from 24th November - "The GUARDIANS License enriches the single-player story mode by enabling gamers to meet other players, strike up alliances, and embark on a huge variety of online quests within the Phantasy Star Universe environment. The GUARDIANS License will be available at ¤9.99 (£6.99) per month."

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