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Hilton not so dumb after all?

Or did the name just change?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Last week, poor old Paris Hilton made a bit of a booboo when she turned up at E3 to promote her new mobile phone game - and promptly got its name wrong.

Hilton declared that she was really excited about "Diamond Quest", which is all very well except - as the giant advertising hoardings at the event testified - her game is titled Jewel Jam.

Or is it? Yesterday, Gameloft sent out some more promotional bumpf for the game, which now appears to be titled - you guessed it - Diamond Quest. So did Hilton have it right all along, or have they just changed the name in a bid to cover up her blunder?

"I can confirm to you that the game is called Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest," a Gameloft representative told Eurogamer.

"Jewel Jam was actually the working title. She was right but it was not the right timing."

So Hilton's not so dumb after all, then - just so excited about her new game that she let the real name slip too soon. Apparently.

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