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Paris Hilton's E3 hiccup

Forgets name of own game.

Simple Life starlet and night-vision nymph Paris Hilton caused a bit of a headache at E3 for mobile games publisher Gameloft, racking up late for the launch of her first mobile game and then proudly announcing completely the wrong name.

"Thank you all for coming. Sorry I'm late," Hilton squeaked at the crowd, having utterly stressed out Gameloft's frantic PR reps who were left wondering whether or not the million-dollar baby was actually going to show up.

"I'm really excited to have my own game, Diamond Quest," she said confidently, which might have been a good start were it not for the fact that the game's actually called Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam.

The new mobile game, which forms part of a multi-year licensing agreement with Gameloft, is a colourful puzzle game that's essentially a variant of Bejeweled - where swapping coloured jewels to make lines of three or more is the order of the day. It's simple in concept and simple in name but not, apparently, simple enough for poor old Paris to remember. Oops.