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FFXII less of a love story

And closer to Vagrant Story than FFX.

Final Fantasy XII producer Yasumi Matsuno has commented on some of the broader themes that will run through the next instalment of Square's famous RPG series.

According to a report on The Magic Box, the erstwhile director of Vagrant Story has told an interviewer that the game will boast a huge world map and resemble the producer's former charge in terms of "game style" - though perhaps not visually, as some of the game's early critics are already complaining that it's too stylistically similar to Final Fantasy X.

Matsuno-san believes that people will be surprised by the team's decisions, perhaps even asking themselves "Is this Final Fantasy?" He also added that the game will be less of a love story this time out, although that won't cut it down from epic form - he also reveals that the game will be split over two DVDs. Finally, staying on the technical front, apparently we can expect "tight controls" from this one.

Speculation over FFXII is still rife after a few pages scanned from Japanese magazine Shonen Jump snuck onto the internet, giving fans plenty to mull over ahead of the game's official debut at a press conference on November 19th. Expect to hear plenty more about the game later in the week.

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