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Painkiller demo released


As promised when the website launched a couple of weeks ago, People Can Fly has released a single-player demo of its biblical first-person shooter Painkiller, in which a bloke who has just been killed runs around purgatory shooting at the locals in search of a reason why he wasn't allowed into heaven.

According to the readme file, the 228MB demo released yesterday "features two battles from the third chapter of Painkiller", although the official press bumf argues that it includes three - "the never-before seen Oriental Castle, the medieval town level, and the Thor level where players will get 'hammered' with one of the biggest, meanest and downright scariest bosses of all time, Saphathoraél." The demo should be a good test of Painkiller's mettle, then.

In addition to the above, the developer also confirms that "three of the game's five dual-mode weapons are included, including the signature stakegun". Mmm, stakegun.

You can download the Painkiller demo from all the usual suspects - 3D Gamers, FileShack, WorthPlaying, etc - and if you get a chance then by all means let us know in the thread below whether it's heaven, hell, or somewhere in-between...

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