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Frame City Killer delayed

Until the ever-popular spring.

Namco's delayed the Japanese release of Xbox 360 exclusive Frame City Killer citing "quality assurance issues", according to reports.

The game had been due out on February 23rd in Japan, where the 360 recently launched, but now it's set for release in "spring". According to RESEARCH, spring begins with the spring equinox on March 21st or so, and ends three months later. Although the Irish Calendar bodges it up. But then Namco are Japanese. We're very confused. What day is it?

In Frame City Killer players take up the tux of an assassin called Crow, who goes to a big city to take down a terrorist/drug kingpin man. Players will track him and kill all sorts of other people, planning their way through to the "perfect hit". By leaning round walls, obviously.

So then, expect FCK to appear in Japan sometime between late March and late June. Unless the world turns upside down, in which case it'll be next September onward, probably.