Frame City Killer

Frame City Killer canned

It's official - EA told us so.

An Electronic Arts representative has confirmed to Eurogamer that Xbox 360 title Frame City Killer has been cancelled.

Namco on Frame City delay

Killer tech takes time.

Namco's shed some more light on why it decided to delay Unreal Engine 3-based Xbox 360 title Frame City Killer, following speculation that it was because everyone thought the screenshots were cack.

Frame City Killer US delay

Polishing its guns.

Frame City Killer, Namco's second Xbox 360 title, has been pushed back to the second half of 2006 in North America following its recent slide to spring in Japan.

Frame City Killer delayed

Until the ever-popular spring.

Namco's delayed the Japanese release of Xbox 360 exclusive Frame City Killer citing "quality assurance issues", according to reports.

Namco's first 360 game

Frame City Killer out by xmas.

Namco has confirmed support for Xbox 360 by announcing its first game for the console, an action adventure entitled Frame City Killer.