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Namco's first 360 game

Frame City Killer out by xmas.

Namco has confirmed support for Xbox 360 by announcing its first game for the console, an action adventure entitled Frame City Killer.

The title refers to the game's setting - a futuristic metropolis somewhere in East Asia. You play as Crow, a hitman sent to find and finish off terrorist, drug baron and all-round dodgy dealer Khan.

Gameplay is non-linear and missions revolve around building up profiles of potential targets, tracking them down and killing them in whatever manner you see fit. We're promised “a dark and gritty storyline”, “thrilling car chases” and “unprecedented audio fidelity”, would you believe.

The game is set to feature top class physics and visual effects, too, since Namco has licensed Epic's Unreal Engine 3 - becoming the first Japanese developer to do so.

Frame City Killer is due out in Europe by Christmas, and you can expect more details as E3 gets underway.

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Frame City Killer

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