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Allard's biking injury won't affect Xbox 360 launch

Not THAT surprising, but still.

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As some of you may have heard, Microsoft executive and Xbox 360 point-man J Allard had a nasty fall last week while mountain biking. Poor chap took a tumble and broke his left arm's radius and scaphoid, and cracked a couple of ribs too.

Well, the good news, according to vocal Xbox team blogger Major Nelson, is that it won't affect the launch of the console. Which isn't hugely surprising, but you never can tell what the frothing faithful will believe given half a chance.

According to Nelson, who also has some pictures Allard took of his injuries using a camera-phone, it was a pretty nasty fall, but he seems to be okay. Indeed, Allard's biggest complaint is apparently that it's very hard to type his emails out with one hand - so much so that he's looking for a good predictive text driver for his PC.

It may not affect the launch of the console, then, but it's going to cause him trouble if he wants to go online and show people who's in charge when Xbox 360 launches in late November. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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