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HotD 3 movie on the way

Filming to begin this year.

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The co-founder of Mindfire Entertainment, the Hollywood production company responsible for the House of the Dead, Fear Effect and Dead or Alive movies, has revealed that a third HotD film is on the way.

In an interview with, Mark A. Altman said: "We have House of the Dead 3 in development now and hope to begin filming later this year if everything comes together."

But don't go expecting it to be anything like the original Uwe Boll film or its straight-to-video sequel: "It's a completely different approach to the material than the first two films, and I doubt it will even be called House of the Dead 3."

Altman went on to discuss the new development company he's set up with animation legend Ray Harryhausen, and the movies and videogame tie-ins they're set to produce.

When asked what kind of games we can look forward to, Altman replied: "I suppose it will depend on what stories are being adapted.

"Some will be more straight-ahead action like those in the lost world or alien invasion genres, but I think in the case of Jason or Sinbad there's an opportunity to do a more puzzle based RPG adventure."

In other news, movie fans may like to know that Fear Effect is set to go into production at the end of the year, with Stanley Tong at the helm. The Dead or Alive movie is set to hit UK cinemas on September 1st.

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