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Vivendi not publishing Syberia II

Microids denies French publisher's involvement with the game.

French-Canadian publisher Microids has denied that Vivendi-Universal Games is to publish fantasy adventure sequel Syberia II


Last week, a 2004 VU Games release schedule briefly made it onto the publisher's corporate site, and one of the names on the list was "Siberia 2", leading to speculation that some sort of deal was on the cards.

Not so, Microids spokesman Cedric Orvoine told GameSpot this week. "Vivendi-Universal Games will not be the US publisher/distributor of Microids' Syberia II," he said quite categorically.

As for the game itself, "an official announcement regarding the US publishing of Syberia II and the official release date will be made shortly." You can see what we thought of the original Syberia's PS2 incarnation here, and that intriguing list of VU Games' 2004 products is online here.

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