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Rome mayor wants game banned

Nope, not GTA. Keep guessing.

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Rome mayor Walter Veltroni wants Rule of Rose banned from his country because it's violent and unsuitable for children.

That's according to a report at, where Veltroni is quoted as saying, "There is no way that a violent videogame should be sold and distributed in our country... this game must not enter Italian homes".

Rule of Rose, developed by Sony but published in Europe via 505 Games, is allegedly a bit disturbing, telling the story of a young girl caught in a deranged orphanage.

And that's enough for Veltroni to find fault, with the mayor claiming that kids have it hard enough as it is what with "violence present on a daily basis in all the media", and "have the right to be shielded from violence".

Sony hasn't had much to say about it, other than reaffirming it's distanced itself from the content of Rule of Rose by not publishing it in the west - partly because it thought some of it was a bit dodgy.

But 505 Games has so far had nothing to say, with our requests for comment as yet unanswered.

Anyway, you can find out what all the fuss is about if you like by picking up Rule of Rose when it comes out on PS2 later this month - 24th November.

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