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Rule of Rose coming to Europe

It's out on PS2 this autumn.

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505 Gamestreet has announced plans to bring psychological horror game Rule of Rose to Europe later this year.

Rule of Rose, which has been developed by Sony Japan and is exclusive to PS2, is set in England during the 1930s. A group of young girls form a club called the Red Crayon Aristocrats, complete with its own set of secret regulations - the Rule of Rose, do you see?

After "a surreal and frightening encounter with a young boy on a public bus" - ah, cursed happyslapping - a young girl called Jennifer finds herself caught up in the Rule of Rose, and forced to endure cruel games at the hands of her "giggling tormentors".

As Jennifer, you have to choose whether to try and work your way up through the Red Crayon hierarchy, or find a way to escape the whole thing all together. The game features different endings which depend on how you play and the decisions you make.

You can expect some lovely graphics, apparently, all painstakingly researched to recreate thirties England, plus "striking, sometimes shocking CG cinematics" from Shirogumi Inc. - who have previously worked on the Onimusha and Genji games.

Rule of Rose is down for an October release.

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