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Final Fantasy IV for GBA

With 'additional elements'.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

All right, so it's not the most exciting announcement Nintendo is likely to make at this week's Tokyo Game Show - but all the same, Final Fantasy fans will be pleased to hear that the fourth instalment in the series is coming to Game Boy Advance.

FFIV GBA will follow the plot of the original game and feature 18 towns and castles to explore, dozens of magical quests to complete and the usual assortment of monsters, weapons, special items and spiky-haired heroes.

We're also promised that "additional game elements" have been added to enhance the GBA version, including new characters and environments.

The game is said to offer between 30 and 40 hours of gameplay as you journey on land, across seas and through the air on a mission to recover a load of stolen crystals.

Final Fantasy IV is out on December 12 in the US. Nintendo has yet to confirm a European release, but since FFI & II and FF Tactics Advance made it over here, seems like we could be in luck.

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