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New True Crime 2 details

It's all going off in NYC.

Activision has revealed a few more details of True Crime 2 for PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

As previously announced the game is set in New York and sees you playing as Marcus Reed, a maverick cop-on-the-edge who plays by his own rules. Yes! We were wrong! It's a black character who is on the right side of the law and has no connection to any kind of gangland underworld! Heh heh just kidding, it turns out Marcus was once a criminal himself of course.

Anyway, our hero is not afraid to break the law in order to get his man, and currently his number one target is the bloke who murdered his beloved mentor.

We're promised an "expertly recreated Manhattan" designed with the help of GPS data, and you'll be able to explore famous areas like Hell's Kitchen and Times Square as you fight for vengeance.

Along the way you can have a crack at washing all the general scum off the city streets, too - but it's optional. The decisions you make affect the development of local neighbourhoods, so if you can't be arsed to lay the smackdown you'll soon find yourself bumping into all manner of burglars, muggers and happy slappers on every street you walk down.

You'll be able to fully interact with your environment, using almost anything you get your hands on as a weapon, and we're told to expect super-fast drive-bys and a range of fighting styles.

True Crime: New York City is due out this autumn.