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MS unveils Viva Piñata

It's out in time for Christmas.

Microsoft has confirmed that a new Xbox 360 game titled Viva Piñata is currently in development at Rare.

The game, which is based on forthcoming kids' TV show of the same name, sees you building and controlling your very own Viva Piñata environment. You start out with just a few basic tools, but eventually you can create a habitat for more than 60 species of wild piñata, watching them "grow, change, fight and even dance." You'll also be able to download extra content and trade with other players via Xbox Live.

The Viva Piñata TV show is set to air in the US this autumn, and the game will get a worldwide release for Christmas. You can learn more over at the Viva Piñata website - just be warned, it's very bright and very loud.