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Sony confirms Euro PSP delay

French boss Georges Fornay confirms our report that PSP is several months away from release in Europe.

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Sony has confirmed our report that the PlayStation Portable is "at least a few months away" from release in Europe, with French chief Georges Fornay admitting the system's launch had been postponed for several months to satisfy demand elsewhere.

The platform holder has previously admitted reconsidering its European launch estimate - originally March - but only confirmed to internal teams last week that the system would definitely not launch this month.

At the same meeting internal development teams were told it was "at least a few months away", despite a number of European launch games having already been finished. Finished titles will not be given more development time.

UK retail sources last week said they expected it would be "June at the earliest" before European gamers got their hands on PSP.

It's bad timing for Sony. The original story broke on Friday as its chief competitor, the Nintendo DS, launched in Europe with 16 titles following successful US and Japanese launches last year, while this week's confirmation happens to coincide with news that the DS has sold close to 90,000 units in its first few days on sale in the UK.

The PlayStation Portable is already available in Japan, with a US launch scheduled for 24th March with a price tag of $249.99. We'll bring you as much as we can on both platforms in the coming months.

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