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Rare on Revolution controller

And why PD0 is no Halo.

One of Rare's lead designers has revealed that forthcoming Xbox 360 shooter Perfect Dark Zero could work on the Revolution.

Speaking to US website 1UP, multiplayer designer Duncan Botwood said: "We could make it work, but there'd be some changes to the gameplay, I expect; the controller looks like it might lend itself towards a light gun style of shooting, which would be a fresh approach."

Botwood is a little skeptical when it comes to the "freestyle" controller, however. "Personally, I'd like to try using the controller for an hour or more, the length of play session I had when I played Wind Waker, for example... It doesn't look that comfortable to me at first glance.

"Most people don't use TV remote controls constantly for a whole hour, let alone wave them in the air all that time," Botwood continued.

"I'm skeptical, but that's tempered by my respect for Nintendo and my past experience of working with their controllers."

Botwood also took the opportunity to make it clear that Perfect Dark Zero isn't attempting to imitate the most successful shooter on the current-generation Xbox.

"We never tried to be a Halo clone. We wanted to do something different that had more in keeping with the previous games we worked on - Perfect Dark 64 and GoldenEye. Don't come to PD0 expecting Halo!"

That's not to say that the Rare designers aren't fans of Bungie's blockbuster, however - just that they're trying to do something new with the genre.

"The bottom line is that our world, our style of play and our philosophy were all different, to varying degrees, and that isn't a bad thing. Gamers get Halo and Perfect Dark Zero to play."

There's still no word on just when we'll get to play Perfect Dark Zero, exactly, but the latest rumours suggest it will indeed be an Xbox 360 launch day title, hitting European shelves on December 2.

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