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OpFlash: Elite brought forward

Due sooner than expected.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Work has been completed on Operation Flashpoint: Elite, the much-expanded Xbox version of the PC military sim, and publisher Codemasters has even brought the release date forward to October 28th. Last we heard, it was going to cost £19.99, which is nutsly good value.

Developed by Bohemia Interactive - and long in development - OpFlash Elite offers what sounds like a satisfyingly broad array of activities for tactical shooter fans, adapting the original PC single-player game and including the 15-mission Resistance campaign on top.

On-top-on-top of that, there's Xbox Live support - over 50 missions with co-op and teamplay options are included, with support for 14 players simultaneously or more than 25 using the dedicated host mode.

You can find new screenshots elsewhere on the site as well as more details on the sorts of helicopters and Russian people you'll be fighting with, against, and so forth, in our previous coverage.

Expect to see a review up around here sometime close to October 28th.

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