Operation Flashpoint: Elite

Operation Flashpoint Elite

Operation Flashpoint Elite

It's not flash, but that was never the point.

Most of the time, when people say "with the best will in the world," or "I don't mean to be rude," you know full well they're probably going to follow it up with something unnecessarily harsh. It's a cheap way of softening the blow, when, in fact, you'd perhaps prefer they just came out and said something. But in this case, we really do have the best will in the world for this ridiculously long overdue port of Operation Flashpoint. It's one of the most progressive, ambitious, forward-looking military shooters of its time - that time being 2001.

There's no easy way to say this... and we really don't mean to be rude, but, tempting low price or not, it's just hard not to be completely put off by how eye-gougingly hideous the game looks in this day and age. It's hard, but not impossible. You just have to almost completely shut off your brain to the current standard and be aware that looks really aren't everything. Yes, it's still a great game, just one that happens to be one of the worst looking ever released in the Xbox's history. What a dilemma.

There are undoubtedly a barrel load of genuinely good reasons as to why Codemasters and Bohemia ported the game so faithfully and didn't update the graphics engine or the character models, but it's desperately disappointing to think that so many potential fans of the game won't be able to see past the shambling soldiers, vile texturing and amateurish presentation. Cramming such wide open maps into the relative confines of the Xbox was evidently enough of a challenge on its own, and one that took years to satisfactorily accomplish - but it's unlikely Joe public will understand this. Getting a no-compromises version to run at a decent frame rate with minimal pop-up was apparently a huge challenge on the Xbox, yet who's around in the press to understand this and educate the public otherwise? We'll give it a go.

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Bohemian like you

The Operation Flashpoint team tells us what took them so long.

It may be four and a half years since the original PC version came out, but Operation Flashpoint remains a landmark in the military shooter genre. Now finally available on the Xbox, the resulting conversion reveals a game that easily holds its own against the current crop, and in some respects is still well ahead of its time.

OpFlash: Elite brought forward

Due sooner than expected.

Work has been completed on Operation Flashpoint: Elite, the much-expanded Xbox version of the PC military sim, and publisher Codemasters has even brought the release date forward to October 28th. Last we heard, it was going to cost 19.99, which is nutsly good value.

OpFlash for Xbox dated

It's out in November.

Codemasters has announced that Operation Flashpoint: Elite, the Xbox version of the hit PC title, is due to arrive in the shops this November.