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Yoshi's Island 2 online play?

Packshot suggests so.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A Yoshi's Island 2 packshot unearthed by Kotaku suggests that the forthcoming platform sequel will support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer.

In Yoshi's Island, the titular dino and his pals had to carry baby Mario and Luigi to safety, and the sequel already promises babies Mario, Donkey Kong and Peach - each of with imbues Yoshi with unique powers - but the box-art also quite clearly shows Wario and Bowser too.

Quite what role those two will play (the press bumf only mentions Yoshi and "three young superstars") and what form the multiplayer will take remains to be seen, but not for long, since the game's due out on November 13th in the US and on December 1st in the UK.

For more on Yoshi's Island 2, you can check out the E3 trailer released by Nintendo over on Eurogamer TV, which shows how the same splits levels over two screens and retains a lot of gameplay elements from the original, including the flowers, rolling rocks and more.

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