Yoshi's Island DS

Yoshi's Island DS

Yoshi's Island DS

Please recycle your dinosaur after use.

I expect the standard thing to do here is to remark that Yoshi's Island was the most astounding, mesmerising, stunningly inventive 2D platform game of its generation, and then go on to talk about how Yoshi's Island DS does the same things with a few more additions and is therefore also excellent.

But I don't really feel that way, and I suppose it's because a sequel to Yoshi's Island is self-defeating. The first one was, in effect, Super Mario World 2, and it was made at a time when Nintendo still understood that to truly improve on something of that game's incredible significance meant ripping it up completely, and proceeding with only the most fundamental elements intact: in Yoshi's case, the controls, and the collectibles. Of course, back in 1995 they were doing this on two fronts, with Super Mario 64's development running parallel.

Artoon's attempt to rework Yoshi as a DS title doesn't do this. You're looking in the wrong place if you're after a DS platformer that has the SNES Yoshi's determination to use the technology - without being brash about it - to create brilliant new scenarios, and new experiences that turn convention on its head (or rather, get it drunk, pull its trousers down, and generally fart all over it). For that, you're better off looking to New Super Mario Bros., which comes closer even if it doesn't get there either. This is like a distended version of Yoshi, and its appeal is ultimately a bit limited.

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Yoshi's Island 2 online play?

Packshot suggests so.

A Yoshi's Island 2 packshot unearthed by Kotaku suggests that the forthcoming platform sequel will support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer.