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Two new Buzz games due

One on sports, one for kids.

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Sony's expanding its Buzz range of quiz games with one about sports and a separate line-up for kids aged six to eleven.

Buzz Sports, due out in Q3, will aim to do for sports what The Music Quiz and The Big Quiz did for songs and general knowledge. Although probably more of the former, since the latter dropped the ball a bit.

It'll include eight-player support and 10 rounds of competition to get through including "Spin", "World of Sport", "Finish Line", "Estimation" and more familiar stuff like "Points Builder" and "Pass the Bomb", with a mixture of clips and images to back up the questions. You can check out some screenshots here.

And if the kids keep whinging about not being able to join in (or, more likely, keep beating you at the music quiz), you'll be able to tell them to fob off and play their own one now, as Sony's doing a range called "Buzz! Junior", starting this November with Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party.

This one is "packed with a cast of cheeky monkeys, windy gorillas and baseball playing elephants", with 40 jungle themed mini-games - demolish a totem pole, play bongos, base jump holding an anvil, and so on.

There'll be 2-4 player modes, short, medium and long tournaments, or a custom option, and simplified single-player mode too, and you can see what that looks like on its own shots page.

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