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Second Bone episode next month

Telltale aims to improve.

Telltale Games is planning to release the second in its episodic series of adventure games based on Jeff Smith's nine-volume Bone book series next month - just over six months after the first episode came out.

Bone: Out From Boneville came out in September and did alright critically but came in for a bit of criticism. Telltale aims to sort that out with Bone: The Great Cow Race, due out in April. "We identified a number of things we wanted to improve upon - such as the length of the experience, the nature of the mini-games and nuances in a number of areas," says CEO Dan Connors.

"Customers will also really enjoy the cast of characters in The Great Cow Race, which becomes even more quirky and colourful this time around, as well as a deeper story as the plot thickens!" The game's website is now live, featuring screenshots and artwork.

Finally, Connors says Telltale is "finalising a plan for another game series, which will get new episodes out even faster," which is surely good news for fans of the adventure game series - assuming they can avoid doing any more of those annoying leaping insect pond puzzle things that annoyed me last time.

Telltale's release doesn't elaborate, but it's possible Connors is referring to Sam & Max, which it confirmed it was working on right around the time Bone came out.