Bone: The Great Cow Race

Second Bone episode released

Trial version, too.

Telltale's released Bone: The Great Cow Race, the second instalment in its episodic adventure series, and anybody interested in it can download the full game for $12.99 or order a boxed one for $17.99.

Bone: Act 2 - The Great Cow Race

Bone: Act 2 - The Great Cow Race

Holy cow! A point and clicker worth looking at.

We can't get enough of games constructed around surreal conversations and slightly silly puzzles. There's something so charmingly timeless about the formula, that when a developer comes up with the right blend of sharp writing and wry characters, we're putty in their hands. It's probably the main reason that something like Psychonauts was our Game of the Year, and why we still trade pirate insults when drunk. I am rubber, you are glue.

It's also why we excitedly downloaded Telltale's second 'act' episode of Bone, despite the fact that the debut offering wasn't all that brilliant. There's always a sense of helpless optimism whenever former LucasArts stalwarts bring out something new, in the same way you pray that the solo offerings of your favourite band members can recapture the magic of their glory days. You know full well they probably won't, but there's always that chance.

In the case of The Great Cow Race, the game picks up the thread from where Out From Boneville left off, with the three Bone cousins still on the run in a 'mysterious valley' full of the kind of oddballs characters we'd like soft toys of (if only to make voodoo dolls out of the more irritating ones). This time around - for curious reasons that it's probably best to not question too deeply - the overall goal is to enter this bizarre cow race, while trying to convince the locals to bet on the Mystery Cow to win.

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Developer Telltale Studios, currently working on a Sam & Max game, has cut the price of its flagship Bone adventure series to $12.99 per instalment.

Second Bone episode next month

Telltale aims to improve.

Telltale Games is planning to release the second in its episodic series of adventure games based on Jeff Smith's nine-volume Bone book series next month - just over six months after the first episode came out.