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People Can Fly to next-gen

Painkiller dev's latest via THQ.

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THQ's added the next game by People Can Fly to its 2007 release schedule, announcing a deal to bring the Painkiller dev's forthcoming title to next-generation platforms globally next autumn.

PC FPS Painkiller, published by DreamCatcher in 2004, went on to win headlines as a regular component of professional PC gaming tournaments. Despite being a bit crap.

However the game THQ has signed up will be an original property, rather than a follow-up to Painkiller itself, and the execs are thrilled, excited and all the rest. "THQ's strategy is to work with world-class developers to bring highly innovative, original IP to market," said some dude called Dan Kelly. "It was immediately obvious to us that the team at People Can Fly has great talent and an exciting, innovative idea that supports this strategy."

Not that we're allowed to know what the great idea is yet.

THQ will doubtless be hoping for more a bit more luck with its new Polish friends than it's had with counterparts GSC Game World in neighbouring Ukraine - where fellow PC FPS project S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl remains in development with the possibility of a 2007 release, four years after THQ originally signed it.

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