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The return of Commodore

Getting back into gaming.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Beardy old retro fans across the globe will be pleased to hear that the Commodore International Corporation is going back to its gaming roots.

It's all thanks to a new partnership deal with The Content Factory, worth an estimated €18 million. As a result of the deal, a new company - Commodore Gaming - has been established, and there are now plans afoot to produce all sorts of exciting new stuff. They haven't said exactly what yet, but we do know that at least some of it will be games for mobile phones.

"Gaming is one of Commodore's key historic competences, and the conclusion of this agreement emphasises Commodore's strategy to build on the strengths of the rich Commodore heritage," said Commodore bigwig and probable Dutchman Ben van Wijhe.

"Now that the license agreement is concluded, Commodore Gaming will continue to create new types of game experiences and interactions."

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