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First Tomb Raider: Legend shots

You've seen what she looks like. Now you can see where she plays.

Lara Croft's looking very different these days. More human. And she's running around environments much closer in theme and design to those that inspired her huge following in the first place.

Mind you, up to now that was just what Eidos had been telling us, and, you know, they said lots of nice things about Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, didn't they? Look what happened there.

Fortunately, as you've probably gathered by now, we've managed to get our hands on some of the very first screenshots of Tomb Raider: Legend in action, and it's looking like Lara's back to what she does best: raiding tombs.

You can find the full gallery here, demonstrating more detail, a more believable Lara, but far more importantly more Tomb Raider-esque environments. There's not a Paris rooftop in sight. Good news.

Coupled with the details released recently, including some very candid commentary from Lara's dad Toby Gard, it's got us slightly more excited than we ever imagined Tomb Raider achieving again.

And despite signs of strong competition a couple of years ago when Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time so spectacularly won our hearts, the standard has dipped a bit recently, and Lara could be very well positioned for a comeback. We await her E3 unveiling with great interest.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these screenshots. There's a Lara good stuff.

Oh, and you can find a rather amazing 3D screenshot to go with the above by heading to the newly launched Tomb Raider: Legend website. Enjoy.

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Tomb Raider: Legend


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