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Ubi signs Astonishia Story

Korean PSP RPG. With a knight in.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has signed a worldwide deal to publish PSP RPG Astonishia Story, made by Korean outfit Sonnori. The game will be released in North American in March.

Astonishia Story puts players in the role of a royal knight on a quest to recover a sacred relic, which apparently symbolises prosperity and fortune. Players have to seek the help of wizard and other allies to do so.

So er, hopefully it's a bit more interesting than that, then. The screenshots look like a really sharp, widescreen 16-bit RPG - something we can quite happily abide - and the combat system appears to be turn-based, with some evidence of a grid approach.

We'll let you know when the game's due for release in Europe soon as poss.

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