Astonishia Story

Astonishia Story

Astonishia Story

Not sure about the translation, says Young Lady of Full of Troubles.

"A simple and easy to understand scenario and system will get people of all ages and both sexes to enjoy playing casual RPG games."

There's so much between those lines it's a marvel they managed to squeeze it into the PSP's 480x272 start-up screen.

The key words in there, both literal and inferred, describing this game and to whom it should appeal are: "simple", "easy", "casual", "the elderly" and "girls". Not things one traditionally associates with any type of videogame, let alone orthodox 12-year-old Korean-pretending-to-be-Japanese RPGs.

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Ubi signs Astonishia Story

Korean PSP RPG. With a knight in.

Ubisoft has signed a worldwide deal to publish PSP RPG Astonishia Story, made by Korean outfit Sonnori. The game will be released in North American in March.