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Ubi doing Settlers II remake

Due to land this autumn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As you may have spotted when we put the screenshots up last week before I absolutely didn't knock off early to go and see my mum, Ubisoft's redoing The Settlers II to mark the game's 10th anniversary.

The imaginatively titled The Settlers II 10th Anniversary is due out this autumn on PC, and sees Blue Byte revisiting the 1996 game and sprinkling it with 3D graphics and some new gameplay stuff - with a bit of help from fellow developer Funatics.

Boasting a "charming comic strip look", the game still sees you trying to establish a colony in a fictitious world based around 5th century BC, with a random map generator and multiplayer mode on top of the 10-mission single-player campaign, for which you can be Romans, Nubians or Chinese.

On top of the shots, we've also got a trailer for the game, which you can check out over on Eurogamer TV now.

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