The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary

I find The Settlers 2 spellbinding. I could watch my tiny happy village dudes for hours as they march back and forth between checkpoints along roads, passing goods and raw materials up and down the chain. One moment they're transporting the flour and water sent off to the bakery to be made into bread to feed the miners who dig iron ore out of the ground for smelting into slabs that are combined with coal to forge tools and weapons. The next, they're hauling logs to the sawmill and ferrying pigs to the slaughterhouse so that they have boards and meat, respectively, for the builders and miners to do their jobs.

Settlers II remake demo

Auf Deutsch.

Those of you excited about Ubisoft's upcoming 3D remake of The Settlers II can now download a demo - providing you can put up with it being in German.

Ubi doing Settlers II remake

Due to land this autumn.

As you may have spotted when we put the screenshots up last week before I absolutely didn't knock off early to go and see my mum, Ubisoft's redoing The Settlers II to mark the game's 10th anniversary.