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Oblivion PS3 will look nicer

A bit anyway. DLC also planned.

The PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will benefit from technical advances made since the game shipped on Xbox 360 and PC earlier this year, in addition to offering the new "Knights of the Nine" quest announced last month.

Speaking to IGN, executive producer Todd Howard said that Knights of the Nine would take between 10 and 20 hours to finish, and also revealed that Bethesda's plan for Oblivion on PS3 also includes downloadable content. It's "something we'd like to support on PS3," he says, "but right now that's really in Sony's hands".

In terms of other differences between Oblivion on 360/PC and PS3, Howard said that the things you'd most notice besides the new quest would probably be the differences in graphical shaders - although it sounds like you'd have to look closely. "The best examples are those new shaders we have for how 'near detail' and 'far detail' blend together on the landscape," he said. "You no longer have a harsh line cutting across the two levels - they blend together seamlessly and the distant detail and land looks much nicer."

We shall see when Oblivion launches alongside the US PlayStation 3 on 17th November - or rather we will see when Bethesda and European co-publisher Ubisoft present it to us at the PS3's European launch next March.