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LCD, Worms compo winners

Everyone's a winner! Except all-of-you-but-for-a-handful.

Those of you who entered our recent competitions for an LCD screen and a Worms 4/Xbox combo have been beating down our email-shaped doorway in an attempt to find out whether you've won. Finally, we can reveal who did.

Worms first. Congratulations must go to a chap called Darryl Hall, who will shortly be getting his hands on a brand new Xbox, Xbox Live kit and a copy of Worms 4: Mayhem. Runners-up copies of the game on PS2 (2), Xbox and PC go to a chap calling himself Lukree, Elliot Rayson, Adam Borton and Tom Roberts respectively.

Unfortunately, there could only be one winner of the 19" NEC LCD monitor, and that man goes by the name of Jacob Alexander. We've no idea who he is, but he answered the question correctly, and climbed out of our digi-hat first, so the monitor will be his just as soon as he lets us know his address.

Look out for more competitions on the site in the near future, including some very special giveaways involving certain brand new handhelds and the like. Oooh...

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