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Euro Advance Wars DS dated

One month later than the US.

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The first Nintendo DS instalment in the brilliant turn-based strategy series Advance Wars, Dual Strike, will be released in Europe on September 30th, Nintendo announced today.

Actually, this was probably mentioned in that big bundle of exciting spreadsheet printouts we picked up at E3 in May, but having just moved house this writer reckons said info is in the box behind the desk under the spare subwoofer thing, and can't be bothered to mess up this corner of the room any more than it already is to confirm that.

We'd probably be rubbish war correspondents, ya know.

Anyway, Advance Wars: Dual Strike is out on Sept 30th, and features, as you may recall, lots of different game modes as well as taking advantage of the DS's pair-o-screens and wireless networking features in predictable fashion. Alas, it's not using the much-hyped worldwide wireless network for global kill-'em-up-ing, but it will allow you to play in eight-man-slash-girl battles using the cable-free networking kit.

As well as a traditional single-player campaign, Dual Strike (heh - we just got it) will also feature a survival mode (where you try and hang on as long as possible on limited resources) and a combat mode. The latter is actually real-time, apparently, which ought to be interesting.

Expect to hear more about Advance Wars: Dual Strike in the coming months, especially given that it's out in the US on August 22nd.

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