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New Super Swing Golf details

More on Tecmo's Wii title.

Tecmo has revealed new details of Super Swing Golf PANGYA, including info on how it'll work with the Wii's remote CONTROLLER.

According to Tecmo, the controller takes golf games to a whole new level, since you can swing it about just like a club and it'll sense motion, depth, positioning and targeting. Your back swing determines the amount of power behind the shot, and the angle of the controller determines whether you pull off a hook or a slice.

There's a whole host of options for the single player - you can choose from Story Mode, Free Mode or Challenge Mode, and playing through them will unlock new characters, courses, costumes and equipment. You can also take on real life rivals with Match Play, Stroke Play and Party Play modes.

Naturally you can expect "revolutionised graphics" (we suspect they wrote this press release before the whole Wii thing came to light), with better character textures and molding, whatever that means, new costume designs, and fancy new courses.

Super Swing Golf PANGYA is out early next year.

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