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More details of Elebits revealed

Got to catch them all.

Konami has revealed some new info about Elebits [still finding that offensive - acting Ed], which it hopes to turn into a new brand when it arrives on Nintendo's Wii platform at some point next year.

The arrival of the mysterious little creatures was announced recently and Konami has now confirmed that the game centres on manipulating the environment to seek out and capture the critters, using the new Wii controller.

You'll be able to you push, pull, lift and throw "anything you come across", engaging in all manner of furniture-flinging fun to uncover the hiding places of the mischievous Elebits.

Capturing them will enable you to use their power-generating properties to boost the functions of your futuristic collection device (pimp my Dyson!), opening up new ways to interact with the environment.

It all smacks of Luigi's Mansion - which is no bad thing - but apparently you'll also be free to employ your own devious methods of entrapment, like strategically shifting objects to block off escape routes, creeping up on the Elebits to catch them off-guard or creating noise to scare them out of their hiding place.

It still doesn't entirely explain what on earth the Elebits are, but we're excited all the same and you can expect an update on the electrically charged little blighters as soon as we hear more.