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NBA 2K7 to use PS3 tilt thingy

2K Sports talks features.

I will now attempt to write about a basketball game! 2K Sports' upcoming PlayStation 3 version of NBA 2K7 (due out next March, obviously) will introduce the ability to shoot from the free-throw line using the "Sixaxis" controller's tilt sensor functionality. Altogether: ooooh!

Other things 2K's wittering on about include the return of last year's "shot stick pro" (no idea), the capture of individual players' distinctive movements, and authentic NBA motion-captured post moves like quick spins, drop steps, hooks, and fade-aways.

On top of that, there's a player-creator, and franchise mode claims to be the best ever with "multiplayer franchise, 3 team trading, progressive fatigue and season awards". As for general multiplay, there'll be no dumping of that here - quite the contrary in fact, with up to seven players supported on one PS3 and the ability to play five-on-five games over the Internet.

All sounds good, although I really wouldn't know. They've also sent out some pretty pictures. NBA 2K7 is due out on PS3 next March, with PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 versions already available.