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New old games for DS

Dig Dug and Lunar Genesis.

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Two new handheld versions of old days games are currently in development for the Nintendo DS, according to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

First up is Dig Dug: Digging Strike, based on Namco's ancient classic. It'll combine elements from Dig Dug and Dig Dug II with spanky new graphics and, of course, DS-tailored gameplay.

The top screen will display a map, and you have to dig holes and tunnels on the touch screen to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. Power-ups include boxing gloves and lightning bolts, and look out for a cameo from Mr Driller. There's also a multiplayer mode, but only for two.

Next we have Lunar Genesis DS, a 2D RPG set 1000 years before Lunar Silver Star, which appeared on SEGA CD back in the early nineties. You play a young deliver boy called Gien Campbell who embarks on an epic quest accompanied by his chum Lucia, who just happens to have magical powers, and half-girl, half-beast Gabiriel.

You can move players around simply by touching the area on the map you want them to head to, and both screens are in use come combat time - showing enemies both on the ground and flying through the air. And if it all gets a bit much, you can tell your characters to leg it by shouting at them via the DS's built-in microphone.

Lunar Genesis is being published in Japan come August, with Dig Dug following in September. There's no news of any European releases yet, but Ubisoft will publish LG in the US this summer, so we're hopeful they'll also bring it across the pond.

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