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Third Guild Wars on show at E3

But only behind closed doors.

NCsoft has announced that the third instalment in the Guild Wars series will go on show at this year's E3 in May. But behind closed doors, mind, so only a select few will get to take a peek.

However, visitors to the show floor will be able to play Guild Wars Factions, which we got to try out last month. Back then, ArenaNet's Jeff Strain told us that the company plans to release new GW campaigns every six months - and that the third title, which has been in development since November, is "already far, far down the pipe."

Of course, GW3 isn't the only game NCsoft will be showing at E3. There's also PC MMO Tabula Rasa, which is set in a brand new sci-fi universe, and Aion - an MMORPG that's out later this year. Then there's Exteel, an online robot fighter, and Dungeon Runners - another MMORPG, this time set in a fantasy realm.

Expect more details of NCsoft's E3 line-up when Eurogamer hits the show floor next month.