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New Zombie MMO on the way

Play as a human or an evil dead.

Thinking Man Studios has revealed that it's currently developing a new survival horror MMORPG that will let you play as either a human or a flesh-eating zombie.

Titled Exanimus (that's Latin for 'without life', fact fans), it's set in a post-apocalyptic world where a few pockets of survivors are struggling to stay alive as armies of the living dead roam the Earth. You should "expect to see half rotten corpses walking around and tearing apart the bodies of the living for food," apparently.

You can join either side, playing on your own or in a team or guild. There will be a PvP mode, and you'll have to pay a monthly subscription fee - but according to the game's website, it will be "competitively priced to other MMOs currently on the market."

At the moment the game is only in development for PC, but as for Mac, Xbox 360 or PS3 versions - "You never know," says TMS. "With technology always changing, we are always interested in finding new outlets for people to play."

As yet there's no word of a release date, and we've yet to see any screenshots - but we'll keep you posted.