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Guild Wars: Factions dated

Collector set detailed.

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NCsoft and ArenaNet have announced Guild Wars: Factions will be out in Europe on April 28th, and talked a bit about the contents of the inevitable 'Collector's Edition' fans will be able to buy.

Presumably having enjoyed success with some of its other big-boxed collector sets, NCsoft is ramming this one with an art book, Jeremy Soule GWF soundtracks, a Ritualit cloth picture, a desk calendar and mouse mat, and in-game signature emotes for the Ritualist and Assassin professions.

Sometimes called an expansion, Factions is actually a standalone game that does not require Guild Wars to play, but obviously those of you already tackling Guild Wars on a nightly basis will benefit the most from its purchase - with new areas and professions to explore and an expanded range of competitive multiplayer options.

It's also worth noting, for those of you coming to Guild Wars for the first time, that neither the original game or Factions charge the typical massively multiplayer monthly subscription fee.

For more on the game, check out our interview with ArenaNet co-founder Jeff Strain, who walked us through the game recently.

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