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New Tingle RPG details

Plus: new Wario game for DS.

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Nintendo has confirmed that a new Zelda spin-off is currently in development for the Nintendo DS.

It's titled Mogitate Tingle Bara Iro Rupee Land - which translates to Fresh Tingle's Rose Coloured Rupee Land. Tingle, you may recall, appeared in both Wind Waker and Majora's Mask - but in the new game, you play as him when he was aged just 35, and had yet to take on the Tingle form.

You're guided through the game by a bloke called Rupeeji ('Old Man Rupee'), who tells you to collect a load of rupees and chuck them into a magical spring. Then you'll be transported to Rupee Land and turned into Tingle.

You also get a bit of help from Pingle, a fairy type who communicates with you via a TV in your house. As you explore Rupee land, you'll have to hand over cash to the local inhabitants to keep them happy, and to pass through toll gates. The game is due out later this year.

And there's another title for DS owners to look forward to - Kaitou Wario 7, as it's currently known, which will rather obviously be the next instalment in the Wario series.

It's being developed by Suzak, the studio who brought us F-Zero Climax on the Game Boy Advance and, oh dear, EyeToy title Rhythmic Star. They've got another DS game in the pipeline, too, although the title has yet to be revealed and there's no word on when either game will hit the shops.

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