Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

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And another thing: I hate the way the sun always gets in my eyes in winter. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against me; it did last night when I glided unaware through some dog mess. Got right in the tread. Will probably need a toothbrush to get that out - I hope my flatmate doesn't mind. Still, when you run yourself a hot bath and sink into a cosy bed you can almost forgive the biting cold and animals - escaping the winter is what makes it memorable.

DS - 2007's Most Wanted

The best things yet to come in small packages.

It's hard to think back to a time when the all-consuming success of Nintendo's DS was in any doubt. But, as with so many new and different things, videogame consumers at first struggled to put their faith in what appeared to be an unfocused hotchpotch of whimsical design ideas.

Tingle DS RPG dated

Anxious fairies in September.

Nintendo has said its new Tingle DS role-playing game will be out across Europe on 14th September.

New Tingle website launches

New Tingle website launches

To promote new DS game.

Last month, we brought you news that a new DS game starring Zelda's old chum Tingle is in development.

Well, now a new website for Mogitate Tingle Bara Iro Rupee Land - otherwise known as Fresh Tingle's Rose Coloured Rupee Land - has appeared on the net.

Head on over to take a look and to play a bizarre Flash game. It's all in Japanese so who knows what you're supposed to do or what on Earth's going on, but still, worth a look for hardcore Zelda fans.

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New Tingle RPG details

New Tingle RPG details

Plus: new Wario game for DS.

Nintendo has confirmed that a new Zelda spin-off is currently in development for the Nintendo DS.

It's titled Mogitate Tingle Bara Iro Rupee Land - which translates to Fresh Tingle's Rose Coloured Rupee Land. Tingle, you may recall, appeared in both Wind Waker and Majora's Mask - but in the new game, you play as him when he was aged just 35, and had yet to take on the Tingle form.

You're guided through the game by a bloke called Rupeeji ('Old Man Rupee'), who tells you to collect a load of rupees and chuck them into a magical spring. Then you'll be transported to Rupee Land and turned into Tingle.

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