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SCI announces Midway

Take control of battleships, aircraft carriers, subs, planes and so on and control theme all individually as US forces take on the Japanese Navy in the run-up to the Battle of Midway.

SCI announced a new tactical multiplayer war game late on Friday called Midway (a working title), which focuses on the aerial and naval battles of the Pacific theatre of war in 1942, leading up to the titular Battle of Midway in which US forces took on the Imperial Japanese Navy despite being vastly outnumbered. It should be released on PS2, Xbox and PC in summer 2005.

We've already seen fifteen screenshots of the game, which will put players in control of battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines and planes in a 'free-control' environment reminiscent (though perhaps not structurally similar) to Digital Illusions' Battlefield series.

Players will be able to engage in all manner of warfare in single and online multiplayer modes for up to 16 players when the game is released in 2005, although whether the multiplayer options extend to Xbox Live and PS2 Online remains to be seen.

Presumably the title will be on display at E3 this week.

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