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NCsoft signs Spacetime Studios

To do a brand new MMORPG.

NCsoft has signed a deal with Texan developer Spacetime Studios to produce a new MMORPG.

So far the title of the game is yet to be announced, and there's no word as to what it'll be based around - but judging by Spacetime's background, not to mention the studio's name, we reckon it could well have a sci-fi theme.

Don't expect any movie or TV tie-ins though - according to Spacetime's website, it's based on an original IP.

Spacetime Studios, which is based in Austin, was recently established by a group of industry veterans who worked on franchises such as Privateer, Wing Commander and Star Wars Galaxies. Co-founder Gary Gattis was senior producer of the SWG: Jump to Light Speed expansion.

According to Gattis, NCsoft is "A top-notch publisher that really cares about their developers and the quality of their games.

"NCsoft has shown us strong support and a willingness to provide a great balance of direction and freedom to develop a game that we have been dreaming of doing for years.”

NCsoft is already one of the world's biggest online publishers - it has already brought us Lineage, Guild Wars and City of Heroes. The second GW game, Factions, is out this spring.

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