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X360's in-game MP3 playback is optional - developer

Alone in the Dark opts out.

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An Xbox 360 developer has shed more light on the issue of background music in games for Microsoft's next-generation console, revealing that in-game streaming of music from outside music sources such as iPod is something developers can opt not to support.

Speaking at Atari's GoPlay event in Lyon last month, Alone in the Dark developer Eden Studios said it would not be allowing players to stream their own music as it would spoil the ambience of its horror-themed action game.

Microsoft has previously demonstrated how music can be streamed into battle sequences in games like Kameo: Elements of Power by accessing an in-game menu and selecting music directly from devices hooked up to the console's USB 2.0 ports.

Subsequently a number of commentators pondered the worth of such a feature, arguing that game music is often an integral part of the game experience. Now it seems they have an answer - it's up to the developer to decide.

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