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Battlefield 2 in-game footage

Pretty choppers, planes, tanks, etc.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Little known games publisher Electronic Arts has released a trailer for Battlefield 2 from developer Digital Illusions, showcasing just under a minute of in-game footage from the near-future everyone-crowd-in-and-blow-each-other-'em-up.

Actually, once you get past fifteen seconds of logos, it's more like 40 seconds of the game in action, but you'll still want to download it to see the fighter planes and tanks, and the choppers in action. The level of detail is very impressive - to the extent that a particularly well aimed (or, we suppose, badly aimed) rocket can actually pass through the open cabin of a copter and exit the other side without causing damage...

Definitely give it a look if you can manage 60MB-odd downloads and have QuickTime on your system. You can grab the trailer from Eurofiles here. Battlefield 2 is due out in 2005.

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