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Rumble Roses XX demo

Also PDZ maps, Oblivion patch.

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Konami and Microsoft have released a playable demo of Rumble Roses XX, available now through Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo weighs in at 854.31MB and apparently allows you to battle people over Xbox Live too - although we're still waiting for the blummin' thing to download, so let us know if that's not the case eh?

Rumble Roses XX is out now in Europe - it's an all-girl wrestling game from Japanese specialists Yuke's, and does pretty much exactly what it says on its pants.

It's quite a good day for XBL downloads, as it goes, as it also sees the release of the Perfect Dark Zero map-pack Microsoft recently announced - details of which can be found elsewhere. In short, it's four new maps, including one (Plaza) recently introduced in the PDZ downloadable demo.

Not content with that, this week's also seen the 360 version of the Oblivion patch we mentioned yesterday go live, and Major Nelson's blog tells us that Matisyahu's "King Without a Crown" video is now downloadable in 480p and 720p formats as part of Microsoft's "Artist of the Month" music promotion.

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