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Ghost Recon 2 Xbox DLC

New maps, weapons, modes, kit restrictions and multiplayer skins for Xbox owners - and all for free, which makes a pleasant change.

As promised, Ubisoft has launched the first downloadable content for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 this week in a package consisting of three new maps derived from existing larger offerings, two new gameplay modes, eight new weapons, five new kit restrictions and six new multiplayer skins. It weighs in at 1745 blocks and costs nowt.

The three maps are Train Yard Interior (focusing on the complex train station section of the Train Yard map), Train Yard Forest (based on the exterior forest from the same map) and Railway Valley (the wooded groves and rocky outcropping in the large valley of the Railway map).

The two new modes, meanwhile, can be used with most of the multiplayer maps that shipped with Ghost Recon 2, and are called Recovery and Assassination. Recovery is a variation on Capture The Flag, except there's a lone flag in the centre of the map rather than one in each base. Assassination pits squads against each other to defend or assassinate an AI officer, with scores based on how long he's alive, with no respawns.

Full details on the rest of the additions - including a rundown of the weapons and skins with screenshots and even a short movie - can be found on the game's official website here. The page actually doesn't mention the kit restrictions and says only two multiplayer skins are included, but according to our download that actually understates the case. You get even more.